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Berjuang Untuk Jannah: Happy Birthday

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Happy Birthday

Assalamualaikum Hi Reader. I'm just wanna say "Happy Birthday" to my little brother :') I hope you can do the best for your study. Although you are very naughty but I love you more than I love myself, You know? I like looking for fight with you, i like when you look angry, then you will run to father's room to go near the father complained that I stir you, haha ​​then Father will scream my name and be angry to me, but not exactly been just for you silent. the day you say you want PSP but if you want psp brother said you must be number one in exam, but poor it did you get the number 9 in the class, sister know you've tried the best, right? you already big but still drink milk in the bottle, haha ​​very funny. but you were embarrassed when other people see you drinking milk in botol.LOLwhen you came home from anywhere you still want to drink milk bottle, but you just wanna father is make it for you,Because you say if father make it more delicious and you say father make it with love.not like me, I do with the anger, haha btw Happy birthday to you, you 8th now, hopefully a long life and be healthy, succeed in their studies. I will always pray for you success in the world and the hereafter. I love you for a thousand years <3

p/s I know my english is broken

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